Faculty of Language and Literature

The Faculty of Language ​​and Literature seeks to produce professional linguists in their fields so that they are ready to fill lines of work and respond to global challenges. The Faculty of Language ​​and Literature has competent lecturers who are international and national Doctoral and Master’s graduates.

Lectures are supported by adequate facilities and infrastructure such as representative classrooms, LCD projectors in each class, science and technology-based language laboratories, libraries, microteaching laboratories, Language Access Center (LAC), curriculum that meets market needs with an effective learning system, native speakers, extracurricular activities and Indonesian and English cultural immersion, theater studio, and TOEFL training. The Faculty of Language ​​and Literature has three study programs, each of which is accredited by BAN-PT and has active and competent teaching staff with Master and Doctoral qualifications.

  • English Education Study Program – Undergraduate

The English Education Study Program aims at generating graduates who stand out in English learning based on science and technology and are supported by lecturers who graduate from national and foreign universities.


  1. through a personal approach.
    1. The ability to learn English conceptually, which is accompanied by hands-on practice by integrating technology.
    1. The ability to develop and use teaching media.
    1. The ability to use various learning models.
    1. The ability to be independent in entrepreneurship, through English for Tourism, Translation, Interpreting, and Computer Assisted Language Learning.

Job Opportunities:

Graduates of study program can work as educators at elementary, secondary, vocational schools, English language trainers/consultants, learning model developers, teaching media developers, language translators, and in the tourism sector such as tour leaders and hotel front office staff.

The Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program uses curriculum design based on the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework. The study program aims at generating professional education staff and researchers in Indonesian language and literature, mastering journalism and the basics of acting.


  1. The ability to have academic the competence in Indonesian language and literature, are proficiency in communicating in Indonesian both orally and in writing and in developing national culture.
    1. The ability to have pedagogical competence and the ability to teach Indonesian language and literature according to the demands and needs of society.
    1. The ability to have character competencies that are dynamic, productive, creative, capable, sensible, and thorough and have pragmatic abilities based on national cultural values.

Job Opportunities:

Graduates of the study program can work as Indonesian language teachers, Indonesian language instructors for Foreign Speakers (BIPA), researchers in Indonesian and regional languages ​​in the archipelago as Indonesian language assistants, language tutors, journalists, performers, researchers, and cultural observers.

The English Literature Study Program aims at generating English graduates who have competence, mastery of theoretical skills and English practice, who are ready to work in lines of work. By adding IT, office, tourism and translation content, it adds to the stability and completeness of the profession as well as readiness to enter the world of work or also to pursue education to a higher language level. The English Literature Study Program was developed based on a curriculum based on the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI). This study program has a variety of academic and non-academic activities to develop student soft skills, hard skills, and talents.


  1. learn innovatively supported by certified lecturers.
    1. The ability to apply the development of English Language and Literature based on science and technology.
    1. The apprenticeship programs in private and government institutions
    1. The exposure to native English speakers.

Job Opportunities:

Graduates of study programs can work as linguists, journalists, editors, tutors, translators, interpreters and in the tourism industry, banks, export and import companies, secretaries, public relations staff, and researchers in the fields of literature and culture.

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