Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law generates graduates who will be able to solve legal problems intelligently based on law and a sense of justice, understand legal logic to analyze legal cases and keep abreast of developments in regulations and legislation as well as become a professional legal practitioner.

The Faculty of Law uses a curriculum that is designed according to the times so that its graduates can fill various job opportunities in various professional fields related to law. Its application is supported by the availability of teaching staff with Master and Doctoral qualifications. Students are also given training through internships at related agencies, judicial practice training in law laboratories, and clinical study activities.

To support the learning and teaching process, facilities are provided with representative classrooms, LCD projectors in each class, Legal Consultation and Aid Bureau Offices, Law Labs, law library rooms, and intellectual property rights centers, Cooperation with constitutional courts, district courts, Attorneys, Judicial Commission, other universities, Law and Human Rights department, Central/Local Government Sector, Department of Labor and Social Affairs, Advocates/Legal Aid and Lawyers, National defense agency, tax service, Supreme Court, Election Commission, and Police.

The Faculty of Law has one study program and is accredited by BAN-PT and has active and competent teaching staff with Master and Doctoral qualifications.

  • Study Program of Law – Undergraduate

The Law Study Program aims at generating graduates who are able to understand, develop and apply legal knowledge in everyday life and are able to devote their knowledge to society.


  1. The ability to understand, develop, and apply legal knowledge.
    1. The proficiency in the technical field of making contractual agreements.
    1. The ability to have the technique of drafting statutory arrangements.
    1. The ability to provide advocacy for dispute resolution in both civil and criminal cases.

Job Opportunities:

Graduates of the study program can work at the Legal Consultation and Aid Bureau, Central/Regional Government Legal Bureaus, Prosecutors, Judges, Legal Consultants, Advocates, Notary Offices, Corporate HRD, Lawyers, Legal Officers, Tax Offices, and the Police.

Contact Information

Faculty of Law

Universitas PGRI Kanjuruhan Malang

Jl. S. Supriadi No. 48 Malang 65148

Telephone number: (0341) 801488 Ext: 330

Website: fh.unikama.ac.id E-mail : fh@unikama.ac.id