Logo Symbols and Meaning


  1. Ganesha Throne symbolizes leader’s courage and fairness in enforcing justice and truth.
  2. An Elephant Ivory in Ganesha’s right hand symbolizes a weapon in a leadership.
  3. A Bowl full of Tirta Amarta (water of life) in Ganesha’s left hand and Ganesha’s trunk lead to it symbolizes a leader who always ready to lead and always in frontline to protect his people from every danger and also always ready to help those who needs help.
  4. Ganesha sits on lotus leaves symbolizes glory
  5. Ganesha in the past symbolizes science; it is in line with University of Kanjuruhan Malang as an educational institution.
  6. Pentagon symbolizes that University of Kanjuruhan Malang be based on Pancasila (Five Principles of Indonesia; Belief in God, Humanity, Unity, Democracy, and Justice)
  7. Colors
  8. Azure symbolizes sincerity
  9. Dark blue symbolizes behavior persistent
  10. White symbolizes holiness
  11. Yellow symbolizes magnanimity
  12. Red symbolizes bravery to defend truth
  13. Black symbolizes eternality
  14. Grey symbolizes wisdom, maturity, unselfishness, calm and fair