At a Glance

Universitas PGRI Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama) is one of the leading private universities in Malang. Unikama is one of the oldest private universities in the Greater Malang area and has continuously grown to become the center of a multicultural-based academic community that continues to exist towards an excellent campus. Unikama’s vision is to become an excellent campus in 2025 in managing Tri Dharma, through education and learning, research, and development, as well as strategic dissemination of knowledge through communities at the local, regional, and national levels. Today, more than 40,000 alumni have filled jobs and contributed to national development in various fields.

To achieve the vision, mission, and goals of Unikama and strengthen its position as a private university that continues to gain public trust, Unikama prioritizes its development program through increasing the capacity and quality of organizational governance, education and learning, research and community service, and cooperation both at national and international levels.

In carrying out the current educational process, Unikama is aware of its position in an era of digital life. It is marked by the transition from generation Y (Gen Y) to generation Z (Gen Z), where most of its activities are based on information technology. Anticipating the movement of this generation, it becomes very relevant if the formulation of goals is associated with information technology (ICT-based) and demographic bonuses from year 2020 to year 2030 where the workforce aged 17-64 is estimated to reach 70%.

Therefore, by continuing to prioritize academic principles, Unikama has moral and academic responsibilities to prepare qualified human resource to create a dignified nation that has resilience and competitiveness in facing an increasingly competitive global era. The achievements that have been accomplished so far are the results from hard, smart, and sincere work from all Unikama’s academic community. The key goal of Unikama’s existence in the society is to make people empowered to experience dignifying life.

Unikama’s academic traditions are expected to be able to make a strategic contribution, not only to national life, but also on a global scale. Unikama is a multicultural campus that is open to all levels of society from various cultural backgrounds who will become global citizens in the future. Welcome to those who want to be a part of Unikama and join the Unikama community. Let us achieve together “Your Brilliant Future Starts Here” in a multicultural community.