A Pleasant University with Modern Facilities

University of Kanjuruhan Malang is strategically situated and is easily accessible using both private and public transportation. It also has a pleasant environment which supports teaching and learning activities. The facilities are:
The Classroom atmosphere is created as comfortable as possible. It is supported by multimedia facilities, such as LCD, OHP in each class.
Video Conference Facility enables students to study interactively. The learning place for on the job training can be lively accessed from classroom. This enables students to criticize and give feedback for the teaching and learning process done by teachers. Also the lecturers can monitor the students without going to the school directly.
The library has abundant references, including textbooks (4651 titles or 15714 books), theses, final projects, journals, and others. It is also equipped with soft files from international and national articles. The library is supported by modern software, namely IBRA- Integrated Library Information System. This system is used to help library services, such as attendance list, borrowing/returning book system, and others.
Besides cooperating with local library and other universities, the university also gives access to students from other universities. The collections can be accessed in http://perpus.ukanjuruhan.ac.id/
Hot Spot Campus Area
Each student has a free internet access inside the university for 24 hours using Wifi. Thus, students can enlarge and expand their knowledge about the world with this facility.
Implementing Multi Access Learning (MAL) Using IT 
The use of Information Technology (IT) for teaching and learning process or e-learning is implemented using MAL for certain subjects. This aims at enabling students to study wherever and whenever. The facility is e-learning, in which students can access learning resources, discuss, do, and submit their tasks through the Internet.
Center of Career Development
University of Kanjuruhan Malang established Center of Career Development which pursues research, gives consultation and supervision, and does budgeting management in career development. In bridging the alumni and its stakeholders, this university does partnership with companies and other institutions, such as Jobd DB, BLK, and some others. It also provides job trainings for students.
Competence-Based Curriculum with Professional Lecturers
In order to produce professional and competitive outputs in global society, University of Kanjuruhan Malang has implemented a competence-based curriculum which is supported by professional lecturers holding Master (S2) and Doctor (S3) degrees from well-known national and overseas universities.
1. Cooperations
University of Kanjuruhan Malang has engaged cooperation or partnership and possessed MoUs or agreement with both government and private institutions nationally and internationally, such as Mahkamah Konstitusi, TVRI, and others. Further, academic MoUs have also been established between University of Kanjuruhan Malang and other universities, such as University of Brawijaya, State University of Malang, UGM, and others.
2. Scholarships
There are some scholarships which are awarded for high achiever students both academic and non academic, such as Beasiswa Supersemar, Beasiswa Bantuan Belajar Mahasiswa (BBM), Beasiswa Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (BPPA), Beasiswa Peningkatan Ekstrakurikuler (BPPE), Beasiswa Khusus Mahasiswa (BBKM), and scholarship from the university.
3. Laboratories
University of Kanjuruhan Malang owns several laboratories to support teaching and learning process, such as computer lab, Multimedia lab, Geography lab, science lab, language lab, Internet lab, Microteaching lab, multiculture lab, physics lab and others.
  • English Access Center and resource facility
  • Language and Art room
  • Radio “SATRASIA”
  • Badminton, volley, tennis, basketball, football field and climbing tower
  • Traditional and modern music equipment
  • Hall and auditorium
  • Clinic, praying room, café, parking area
  • Bank and shop