Ar-Ridwan Nisa’ held Burdah in Unikama, Participants Rise Up to Twice Drastically

UNIKAMA – Burdah Ar-Ridwan Nisa’ assembly held a meeting at Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama) some time ago was quite surprising. Because even though it was only held three times this activity turned out to be enough to attract the enthusiasm of pilgrims up to twice the previous amount.

If in the previous year there were around 800 worshipers, this time the congregation had doubled. This was revealed by the chief executive and chairman of the 3 fields of culture at the Al-Farabi Uniqa Student Da’wah Institution (Ledma) Rika Lusiana, PGSD 2016.

“Because it is different from the previous year, this time the speaker was from Tarim Hadramaut-Yaman, “he said.

This Assembly of Ar-Ridwan Nisa ‘together with Hubabah Ummu Zein bint Habib Ali Mashur bin Muhammad ibn Salim bin Hafidz. He is a member of the Daar Faqih Tarim Islamic Boarding School in Hadramaut-Yaman that is actively preaching to various parts of the world.

Hubabah said to the akhwat, when they found out that a man saw, he said, “O Allah, is there any part of my body that is open to make them see me,” then it might immediately correct his clothes for fear that someone would open.

“How lucky we are to have the opportunity to learn from a million pearls of trustees. “His preaching this time is the third mission to Southeast Asia,” he explained.

Interestingly, everyone came not only from the background of the Islamic boarding school but the general public who were very enthusiastic. Not only because of interesting speakers, but also the enthusiasm of the Muslim community who began to realize the importance of religious knowledge. This was evidenced by the participants who did not only come from the background of the Islamic boarding school, but also the general participants and students who packed the Sarwakirti Hall.

“We from Al-Farabi were invited to cooperate again next year, from the side of Ar-Ridwan, they were pleased to see the enthusiasm and cohesiveness of the Al-Farabi committee of solid brothers,” she said. (inka)