Establishing Gathering of Eid Al-Fitri 1442 Hijriyah, Unikama Holds Virtual Halal-Bihalal

Unikama – Given the high rate of Covid-19 virus transmission, this year Universitas PGRI Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama) held a Virtual Halal-Bihalal through the Zoom Meetings application, Monday (17/05/2021). This activity was attended by the Management of the PPLP-PT PGRI Malang Foundation, the Rector and his vice, as well as all Unikama’s lecturers and employees.

In his speech, as a Rector of Unikama Dr. Pieter Sahertian, M.Si wishes you a Happy Eid Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin. We are sorry physically and mentally and thank you for being willing to attend halal bihalal even though it is done by online.

“Covid-19 is still around us, many say this year is a sacrificial Eid. Some of us cannot get together with our families back home because of government policies. But believe me, that happiness doesn’t just come from our pleasure. There is a psychologist who says that the peak of happiness comes from us who can accept everything with full bitterness,” he said.

Some of them did not fast, but everyone felt the atmosphere of Ramadhan.

“We all feel the positive energy, namely patience and calmness. Patience makes us mentally strong, while calm can make us think clearly. Even though some people don’t participate in fasting activities, we can all get it for positive energy, ” he explained.

He hopes that this kind of atmosphere will continue not only in the atmosphere of Ramadan. Get better every day and live life like the atmosphere of Ramadan. Always be a patient and calm person, have a clean heart and always think clearly.

“Let’s pray for our relatives, friends and also the places where we work so that they are always protected by God. This will eliminate unwanted things and can make our togetherness more compact, “he added.

Meanwhile, the Head of PPLP-PT PGRI Malang Drs. H. Soedja’i also emphasized that apologizing to one another will make life safe, comfortable and peaceful.

“By forgiving each other, we can make what we live for will help us to carry out our duties properly. Far from obstacles, temptations and difficulties. This can also inspire all of us to become an excellent Unikama like what we have been aiming for so far, “he explained.

There is also Unikama’s achievement this year, in addition to being a vocational assistant for the development program. Unikama also has its own academic developer. One thing that is special is that private university developers, which originally only existed at Universitas Muhammadiyah and Universitas nahdlatul Ulama, are now also at Universitas PGRI Kanjuruhan Malang.

“Everything that has been achieved is proof that so far what we have been fighting for sincerely and with full confidence has produced results and makes Unikama’s name proud,” he said.

The Halal bihalal of Eid al-Fitri 1442 Hijriyah also invited Ir. H. Achmad Wahyudi, S.H, M.H as the big board of PGRI. In his tausiyah he explained about the meaning of halal bihalal itself, the return of humans to nature on a holy day.

“Every human being has their own nature, it all depends on the individual. It could be light or dim. Returning to nature is the return we can distinguish between right and wrong. Every human being can decide what is good to do and what is bad must be left behind, “he said.

Always doing good makes humans always careful and careful in doing anything. Humans will also be calm and peaceful if what they do is based on science.

“In the Al-Qur’an, it is stated that peace is born from God’s grace. Calm people are not propped up by material, position, or fame. Many poor people live quietly, rich people are restless, those who have positions are also unsettled. Only those who believe will get this gift, “he explained.

The man who is familiarly called Ustad Wahyudi also advised him to continue to be verbal, to be careful when saying something.

“Get used to say something right, do not say something that you do not know the knowledge,” he concluded.

On this occasion, hopefully it will return to the original values ​​of humans for the better and return to their nature.