FEB UNIKAMA conducted WPPE Training

UNIKAMA – The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang (FEB UNIKAMA) conducted WPPE training (Representatives of Securities Trading Intermediaries). The training was conducted to enrich the students’ knowledge of  Ethics and Flow of Capital Market Trading.

The training was conducted for three days and attended by 46 participants consist of students and lecturers from Unikama and other universities. On the last day an Competency Examination  was held with a passing grade of 60, said the Dean of FEB, Drs. Sulistyo, M.Ak.

“This Competency Examination consists of 4 Subjects namely, Indonesian Capital Market and Securities Trading Mechanism, Knowledge about Securities, Economic Analysis, Corporate Finance and Investment, Law and Ethics WPPE. The requirement to pass the Competency Examination have pass the four materials. “If a test taker’s score does not meet the passing grade then it is declared a failure and the participants have to retake the examination,” explained by Dr. Vinus Maulina, MM.,  the Vice Dean of FEB,

Currently there are eight participants in the first round who passed the Competency Examination and obtained certificates. The certificate is nationally recognized and complementing SKPI (Surat Keterangan Pendampingan Ijazah). Unikama held training and Competency Exams collaborated with The Indonesia Capital Market Institute (TICMI) and the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Those who are certified will easily join in the Capital Market Company. Sometimes the Indonesia Stock Exchange also looks for certified employees. Thus, the campus will recommend several students who meet these qualifications to work.

“For participants haven’t passed the exams, they still have twice opportunities to take the competency exam. The difficulty level of the exam is indeed very hard, the exam is held in the near future in order to they do not forget about the exam material,” added the Vice Dean of FEB.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FEB hopes that those who get the certificate can use it properly. (aisyah)