Holding an Online Ceremony, Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang Commemorates National Awakening Day and Anniversary of Unikama in 2020

UNIKAMA – During the Covid-19 pandemic, it did not discourage the intention of the Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama) to commemorate National Awakening Day and Anniversary in 2020. The ceremony, Wednesday (05/20/2020) was followed by the Chairperson of PT PGRI Malang and Rectorate, all Lecturers and employees of Unikama. This activity is carried out online, due to following government procedures for Social Distancing and using masks, using the Zoom and Live Youtube application.

Head of PPLP PT PGRI Malang Drs. H. Soedja’i gave a little description about the history of Unikama starting from the PGRI Academy which developed into an Institute to become the University of Kanjuruhan Malang.

“Dirgahayu Unikama, precisely on May 20th is Unikama’s birthday, for the year there are two versions namely 1957 and 1975. This is what I want to explore further what actually happened and what the facts are like, therefore with number 346 PPLP Malang formed a team . The team was named Team Lima, which was chaired by brother Nawaji and his members, “he said.

The team is tasked with studying and analyzing the history of Unikama as clearly as possible so that later it can be used as a guide for anyone in the Unikama extended family. The book will soon be published and distributed to the Unikama extended family.

Meanwhile, Rector of Unikama Dr. Pieter Sahertian, M.Si said that this year the celebration of Unikama Anniversary was very different. Can only be commemorated through online ceremonies. Although conducted by online,the ceremony proceeded smoothly.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is a national disaster that we never knew would come this year. This is a test for all of us including Unikama to work even harder in realizing our Vision and Mission. Becoming Superior in 2025 in several aspects requires cooperation from all Unikama academicians, ” he said.

In the future we will face a new and different order of life from before. Not only health protocol, but also culture. Maybe it can’t be as free as it used to be to communicate with other people or get together just to be friendly. There will be new rules from the government so that this pandemic does not recur.

“Lots of tips actually, especially for leaders of institutions facing crises like this. One of them is preparing the environment for crisis. Unikama has implemented this by distributing quotas to students, so that learning activities at home run smoothly. Maybe in the future we will also think about this welfare for the lecturers and staff so that the work will be smooth, ” he added.

Dr. Pieter Sahertian, M.Si felt very proud even though in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, HR (Human Resources) at Unikama was still actively conducting both Seminar and Webinar activities to provide knowledge to students. In addition, there are still students from UKM Reasoning who can win third place in the National level competition.

He hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon, so that it can be productive again. In the future there will be many new challenges waiting.

Let us work together to advance Unikama, even though in these conditions it can still communicate what matters need to be discussed through whatsapp groups or other applications. Don’t make this pandemic a reason for being unproductive. We can still be productive and live our lives as usual, although in different ways, ” he concluded.