Set aside other Universitas, Unikama, take home the Governor’s Trophy of DIY

UNIKAMA– On 39th Anniversary Education Study of Mathematics Program in Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Yogyakarta, a series of Mathematics Education Festival # 4 (MEF # 4) was held.  One of them was The Contest of Writing Essay for student’s Universitas level with the theme “Enhancing Learning Innovation Mathematics Towards Intellectual Generation in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0”.

This activity was attended by students from state and private Universitas from Indonesia. One of them from private Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama). The team from Unikama consisted students of 2016 generation. The students from Education Study of Mathematics Program. In addition, they were active in Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Penalaran (UKMP) namely Armando Orlan Nguru, Luluk Qomariyah and Inti Wijayanti.

Through their work with the title Nus-Trick (Muslihat Nusantara) Development Innovation in Learning Adventure Based on Game Adventure in Material of number patterns. With that title, they managed to seize the first position and eliminated other finalists from State Universitas Yogyakarta, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, and Universitas Ahmad Dahlan.

“The Nus-trick game is a math learning based on the adventure number pattern material with an archipelago theme. The game design introduces several potential regions in the archipelago at the beginning of each level. We will adjust the challenge to the model and condition of the region, “Orlan said.

Thus, Unikama succeeded in bringing the Yogyakarta Governor’s Trophy, which was followed by State Universitas Yogyakarta the second winner who succeeded in bringing the Mayor’s Trophy, and 3rd place in Universitas Ahmad Dahlan succeeded in bringing Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Rector’s Trophy.

Orlan added, the development of technology has now become increasingly rapid, especially since Indonesia has now entered the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. The Education has to be able collaborate with IT developments in Indonesia 4.0. Children are now very familiar with cellphones, laptops, the Internet. Thus, Orlan uses it, so children don’t just play cellphones, laptops, but are also expected they can learn through it.

“The difficulties faced, game design which includes the compilation of storylines, game design. Not only that, the programming of the game itself has experienced workmanship. That is because the time of making the game is not enough to result in the Nus-Trick learning game completing only three levels, “said Orlan. (inka)