Unikama Presents the Head of LLDIKTI Region VII and the Head of PB PGRI in the Graduation Procession

UNIKAMA – In the graduation procession which was conducted online, Saturday (23/10/2021) Universitas PGRI Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama) also attended the Head of LLDIKTI Region VII Prof. Dr. Ir. Soeprapto, DEA, he explained that this achievement is very important for both the institution and the students. If the institution excels, the students’ competence will not need to be doubted.

“Achievement is an investment for institutions, such as Unikama in 2020 nationally, ranking 89 out of 3676 in Indonesia, both private and public universities. With this achievement, efforts should be made continuously for both the institution and the students. This is so that the public knows that Unikama is a campus full of achievements and has creative and innovative students,” he explained.

In addition, the General Chairperson of the PGRI Executive Board, Prof. Dr. Unifah Rosyidi, M.Pd through zoom meetings to congratulate the graduates.

“Congratulations to the graduates for being inaugurated in the Unikama graduation activity for the even semester of the 2020/2021 academic year. Unikama is a multicultural campus that is attached to various cultures, ethnicities, races in Indonesia because students come from various regions. As an alumni of a multicultural campus, you must maintain the good name of the campus, because integrity is what distinguishes one person from another,” he said.

Alumni with strong character will differentiate themselves from others. Character will take that person to a bright future.

Meanwhile, representatives of outstanding students Jihan Rohmawati also said that graduation was the real starting point of life.

“Currently, in front of us, there are a million challenges that must be faced because the competition is so fierce out there. Let’s compete to be the best. No matter how hard life’s challenges are, stay strong like a rock in the ocean, flow like water, be good at finding solutions, and stay true to your values. It is possible that one day, some of us may become big entrepreneurs, become successful professionals, become Regents, Mayors, Governors, Members of the DPR, Ministers, and even the President. So, hold fast to religious values ​​and stay firm with the noble values ​​of our nation,” he explained.

He also thanked Unikama, Lecturers, and also the education staff who have patiently guided and helped each lecture process up to graduation. Not to forget, thank you to both parents who always support and pray for the success of their children.

As Billy Gates said in one of his speeches, be a hungry soul. Hunger means always wanting to get new experiences. Be a person who provides benefits to those around you.

“Become a graduate who can bring the good name of UNIKAMA known to many people. Known for its graduates who are creative, innovative and also highly competent,” he concluded.