Accompanying Students, Information System Department held a Socialization of Thematic PKL

UNIKAMA – Information System Department (SI) provides assistance to PKL students (Field Work Practices) in the form of Thematic street vendors socialization. This is to provide debriefing for students to continue to innovate and hone their skills in the field of Information Systems. This e-commerce themed event was the first time held by the SI Department. Attended by Nanang SW., as Chairman of the RPMR (Malang Entrepreneur House), Unique Lecturer, and Student.

“There are still a number of students when street vendors whose jobs are not in line with the department, even though before the street vendors they have been equipped with knowledge. Therefore, we as SI Department try to find a place that fits their field of expertise, especially in the field of UMKMs, “said Head of Information System Yoyok Seby Dwanoko, S.Kom, M.Kom.

Thank you to the owners of UMKMs who have allowed their students to do street vendors. The SI Study Program was represented by the Chairperson of Cooperation, Sahmawi, S.Psi, who will sign the MoU with the UMKM chairman, he said.

This is the first time to hold a Thematic-based street vendor. With this kind of thematic street vendor students are expected to be able to help develop product selling power through e-commerce. In the future, most sales are expected through e-commerce. “Students themselves have also prepared a web for branding. For the problem of web hosting, it is also helped by Jagoan Hosting Indonesia. Students themselves do not have to stand by on the spot because they also still have lecture schedules when street vendors, “Yoyok added, a close call to the program. (ash)