Cooperating Unikama, Fighting Radicalism Seriously

UNIKAMA – Students are continually being improved and their national soul grows so that radicalism was embedded, young people already know how to deal with and fight it. Therefore, the Stabilization of Nationality Insights for the Young Generation was held to Maintain the Unities of the NKRI held at the Auditorium Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama), Yesterday.

Bakesbangpol itself held this roadshow with the aim of cooperating with around 20 Universities in Malang to continue Educating Youth about the spirit of Nationalism.

“Many University include Unikama, UMM, Unmer and many more. In the future, our target is to expand coverage, including representatives of mass organizations, communities and many young people in Malang, “explained Solihin, Head of Sub-Division for Handling and Conflict Prevention of Bakesbangpol

In line with Unikama’s own desire to strengthen nationalism and the spirit of student unity. Vice Chancellor 3 Unikama Dr. Joice Soraya, SH., M.Hum, in his speech explained that, indeed at this time young people could not understand the concept of Pancasila Nationalism. “I hope that with this event you will be able to better understand the concepts and insights of nationalism. You can learn about the perspective, character and identity of the Indonesian nation, “he said.

One of the speaker, Prof. Dr. H. Agus Sholahuddin, MS. revealed that each individual’s perspective on nationalism and national insight can vary, even though the object is the same. For this reason, he provides an understanding so that there are similarities in the concepts that Unikama students have in this event.

“Understanding can be different, one with another is different, let alone many people, especially Indonesian Society,” he said. (inka)