Many Choices of Lecture Concentrations and Complete Facilities, The Graduates of Accounting Department are Ready to Work

UNIKAMA – Accounting Department Universitas PGRI Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama) is one of the study programs that is in great demand by prospective students. Accounting is indeed used in all fields, especially in everyday life. As one of the study programs that are included in the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), it certainly has various advantages.

Ati Retna Sari, SE, Ak, MSA, CA as the Head of the Department (Kaprodi) explained that the Accounting Department had implemented the MBKM curriculum (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka).

“We use Synchronous and Asynchronous learning systems (Spada Unikama, zoom, google classroom, etc). In addition to the theory that students get, they are also equipped with field experience in the world of work through an internship program. Not only that, the soft skills of students are also improved through activities such as seminars, workshops, training and certification exams in collaboration with practitioners and related agencies,” she explained.

In this Department, students can get learning that is in accordance with the needs of the current world of work with the concentration options offered such as financial accounting, the public sector and syariah. Where students can choose the field they want and are supported by teaching staff who are accounting practitioners so that graduates of the Accounting Department are really ready go to the world of work.

“For HR (Human Resources) we have lecturers who are qualified and in accordance with their fields and are even involved as practitioners. As for the facility, we have an investment gallery as a forum for students who want to practice directly about buying and selling and knowledge about stocks. Students can also get certified as brokers/representatives of securities traders through the Investment Gallery. We also have a CPA Center, which can issue ACPAI certification and an accounting lab as a supporting laboratory for accounting practicums,” he added.

With the implementation of the MBKM curriculum, the Accounting Department has collaborated with many universities and related institutions to carry out internship programs so that our students can compete later in the world of work.

She hopes that in the future, Unikama can realize its vision to become a superior university. In addition, the Accounting Department can improve the quality of graduates who are competitive and competent in the world of work according to what is needed by the world of work today.