HMPS Management of Unikama Carries Out Social Service Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic

UNIKAMA – The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has made the economic conditions of the population decline. Lots of employees at home, even dismissed from his job. This makes HMPS (Study Program Student Association) Management Department of Universitas Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama) moved to do social service activities.

“Before conducting social services, we open donations first. Lots of help from HMPS and Management Department itself. We have forgotten the funds collected in the form of rice, oil and instant noodles, “said Andika Krisnia Desfera, one of the student representatives from HMPS Management.

This activity is an annual program of HMPS Management. Every year there is already a plan to share especially with the Orphanage. However, this year is different from the previous year.

“This is an annual work program of HMPS Management. Usually, we do social services at the Orphanage. However, this time it was done in a different way, namely the provision of groceries to the community. Grocery is a basic need that will be very useful for the community. Especially in the pandemic, all food is very expensive, “he added.

The activity which was held on Monday (06/08/2020) was carried out on campus to be given to several students who were still staying at the boarding house. In addition, the distribution of groceries was also given to the community around Gadang Market and Dieng Malang.

“Hopefully the food can be very useful for those who receive it. It’s not much, at least it can increase their basic needs at home, “he said.

HMPS Management hopes this activity can be an inspiration for other students out there to continue to do good in the midst of the pandemic that is ravaging Indonesia. To provide assistance to the community does not have to be expensive, a little as long as it is useful is more than enough for those who really need a helping hand from us.

Meanwhile, Andra, one of the food recipients, was very grateful and hoped that the Covid-19 pandemic would end soon.

“Thank you for the food assistance, this is very useful for those of us who are in need and affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope that in the future more students will be moved to help others, “he said.

It is expected that with this activity in the future HMPS and Management Department of Unikama will be more advanced and known by the wider community so that the number of students, especially in Management Study Program, will increase and increase from year to year.