Following Up on MoA with Bawaslu, Faculty of Law Unikama Implements Election School

UNIKAMA – After conducting an MoA (Memorandum of Understanding) with Bawaslu, the Law Department (Prodi) of the Universitas PGRI Kanjuruhan Malang (Unikama) is now carrying out an election school program. Even before conducting this election school, the Law Department had reviewed the curriculum first.

Dr. Suciati, S.H., M.Hum as the Dean of the Faculty of Law emphasized that the Election Monitoring Program class was held in order to broaden students’ knowledge in the fields of politics and law, especially in election supervision.

“Meanwhile, this election school is specifically for 5th semester students of the Law Department. Lecturers are also brought in from the Bawaslu’s Province and City and the Universitas Islam Malang (Unisma) who are engaged in the field of election supervision,” he explained.

By participating in this election school, students can gain knowledge, especially, grades and credits that are converted to similar courses and certificates which can later be used as SKPI.

“This Bawaslu class is included in the credit in accordance with the provisions of MBKM (Independent Campus Learning Independence). This election school was held offline, because the Bawaslu did not want to conduct classes online. They want students to really be able to really dig up knowledge about elections and later be able to be directly involved in election activities,” he added.

Law students are indeed obliged to know and understand about elections, especially the procedures and also their implementation. Although it looks easy, it is not as easy as it looks.

“The election school is also the implementation of the MBKM program which requires students for 2 semesters off campus. So that later we will cooperate with other campuses or other agencies as partners for practice/internships so that students not only know the theory but also directly practice like this, “continued the woman wearing this hijab.

As the Dean and Lecturer of the Law Department, he hopes that by joining the election school, students can increase their knowledge in the world of politics, especially about elections.