Unikama Postgraduate Program Holds Judiciary Odd Semester of 2020/2021

Unikama – The Postgraduate Program at the Universitas PGRI Kanjuruhan Malang(Unikama) held a graduation ceremony for the odd semester of the 2020/2021 Academic Year online using the zoom and offline application. There are 20 students who have passed, including 16 students from the Social Science Education Study Program (PIPS) and 6 students from the Master of Management Department. Meanwhile, 17 students attended the judiciary procession offline, the other 3 were online using the zoom meetings application.

Dr. Endah Andayani, S.Pd., MM as the Director of the Postgraduate Program said that the postgraduate held a graduation ceremony with 2 methods because some students wanted to meet face to face, but still adhered to health protocols to keep their distance and also wear masks.

“So there are some students who cannot attend. Apart from outside Java, there is one who is currently having activities in his workplace. In addition, students who graduate must meet the academic requirements starting from completing all courses in the S2 program. The Social Sciences Study Program (Prodi) has 39 credits, while the Management Masters has 38 credits, “he said.

Apart from meeting the academic requirements, students who take the graduation are also required to publish journals. If the status is still submitted, it can still be tolerated because this requirement is used to take the certificate. After submitting it will continue to be accepted after that publish.

“We allow students to publish journals, they are free to publish anywhere. But for international proceedings, we prioritize publish them in the Asian Education Symposium (AES). This journal is very good and we’ve been working together for 10 years. The second alternative, we use an accredited journal, they are free to publish anywhere. We at the postgraduate program also have a SINTA 4 accredited journal known as the Social Studies Education Research Journal (JPPI), “he explained.

He hopes that the knowledge gained by graduates can be useful wherever they are. Almost all students already have jobs, some of which are administrators, teachers, school principals and office workers. At least by graduating from Unikama they can use and develop their knowledge so that they can be even better.

Meanwhile, there were 2 students who obtained the best Cumulative Achievement Index (GPA), namely Fauda Nuria, M.Pd from the Social Studies Education Study Program with a GPA of 3.86 and Muhyidin, M.Pd from the Master of Management study program with a GPA of 3.84.

Fauda Nuria, M.Pd, as the student representative, thanked the lecturers who had guided and provided their knowledge.

“With the knowledge we get, it can be used and developed again. Besides that, I am also proud to be a part of Unikama. Hopefully Unikama can be more prosperous and many students join to become part of Unikama, especially the postgraduate program, “he concluded.